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Studio Gallery
Now Available

2014-11-06 — We have added a brand new Studio Gallery area to the GPS Studio Services website that shows off all the different areas of the studio. And it's organized according to the different sections of the studio, so if you're not sure what the difference is between Studio A, Studio B, and Studio C, you can have a look and see.

Home of the "Glamour Bash"
& Other Fine Group Shoots and Workshops

As the largest producer of photography events in the U.S., Group Photo Shoots has a lot to offer to photographers of all kinds and at all levels. Whether you are a beginning photographer or an expert at fine art, we have an event that is perfect for you. We offer over 100 events every year in California and Arizona. These events range from fashion to glamour to fine art to instructional workshops. There is something there for you.

If you've never been to one of our events, sign up and give it a try.
You won't be disappointed! We'll see you soon.

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